What does working with us look like?

We manage the cafeteria for you 

Once the cafeteria is up and running, your employees can draw their benefits, pay with the virtual Benefit Plus card, or pay through payment gateways. Our customer service center answers all their questions. We process and pay invoices and manage everything else with the benefits providers and you.

End of month 

On the first business day of each month, we close out the previous month and begin re-billing all benefits ordered by your employees. Everything is always completed by the 15th day. We will send you an electronic statement along with a summary of the benefits drawn for reimbursement. If the employee does not use the budget within the time period you set, the points will expire, and your company won’t have to pay them. However, it is not a problem to extend the validity of the points through a prepayment. This way you avoid any inconvenience and at the same time give your employees the comfort of using their budget for 2 more years. 

New month 

Typically at the beginning of each month, you send us any employee changes that affect the cafeteria (new hires, terminations, changes in hours, etc.). Based on the rules we set up at the beginning, we incorporate all changes – open and close accounts, send relevant campaigns, prepare and distribute Benefit Plus cards, adjust point eligibility, etc.

Companies with cafeterias save money 

Make your employees happy and save your company costs. 
We'll deal with the rest.