How Does the Cafeteria Save Money?

Everything is based on the law

According to the amendment to the Income Tax Act Act No. 301/2019 Coll. (Section 5, paragraph 7 is supplemented by letter r) approved in 2019 (but effective only from 1 January 2022), an employer may provide a non-cash contribution to an employee of up to EUR 500 which is not subject to taxation and levies.

Saving company costs without cutting costs on employees is a smart philosophy of every well-functioning company.

How can you save?

  • Launch a cafeteria with us

    The tax and levy exemption for non-cash income is an excellent opportunity for employees to save 35.2% on tax and levies.

  • Mitigate the impact of pay cuts

    The employee can save up to 30% which represents the tax-tax burden of the benefit.

Benefits exempt from taxes and levies up to €500

What benefits can this bring to the employer? Creative benefit planning saves 35.2% of the value of the benefit in levies. The optimal tool for the solution is cafeteria which automatically takes care of any benefit limit and allows the employee to use it according to their own preferences. The employee saves 30% which represents the tax-tax burden of the benefit and chooses the leisure benefits of his/her choice.