Leisure Time Benefits 

Benefit Plus means direct access to billions that people can spend only in the Benefit Plus contractual network. Become a member as well. 

What are leisure time benefits? 

According to the law, these are goods or services in the field of health, culture, sports, recreation, education and books. 

If you offer any of these services or products, we will be happy to welcome you to our contractual network. 

How to join the Benefit Plus contractual network? 


Select the package that suits your needs 


A few questions 

Fill in our online form 


Let's sign the contract 

Are you done? We're almost finished! Your new account manager will help you set up payment and billing systems, send you a link to sign the contract with an electronic signature, provide access data to the Benefit Plus application and instruction manuals. 


Now it's up to us 

 Leave the rest to us. We will create an attractive presentation of your services in Benefit Plus and add you among newly added providers for the users to see. 


We'll set it up and get it running 

We'll set up the payment and billing systems exactly according to your requirements. 

And that's it… 

In a few days, you can welcome your first customers. 

 How can you accept Benefit Plus payments? 

  • Virtual Benefit Plus card (Benefit Plus web interface)
  • Printed, electronic or SMS voucher,, which you will receive in advance in an email and your customer will present it to you at checkout
  • Payment gateway, available for online stores (we will be happy to send you the specifications)
  • Payment by purchasing credit, or discount coupons on the partner’s website
  • You can combine multiple options at the same time



Frequently asked questions 

Read through our partners' frequently asked questions 

Getting started 

A few basic steps for a smooth start 


Simple guides to help you get started quickly 

Would you like to become a partner? 

Becoming a Benefit Plus partner pays off. There are no flat rates or sign-up fees. In addition, we help you with everything.