Happiness in Life Translates to Happiness at Work

We believe that people who have hobbies, play sports, travel, attend cultural events and educate themselves experience more joy in life. Such people find more balance in their lives and a desire to work and grow. Employers who contribute to these activities help increase satisfaction, motivation and loyalty in their teams.

Add a little sweetness to your life

Our philosophy and strategy. We at Benefit Plus are happy to make things easier – we identify the best service providers for their employees, ensure that they are well-connected and look for new and better solutions.

Our mission is to make people happier at work through balance and joy.

Benefit Plus currently manages employee benefits for more than 700 companies with over 290 000 employees.

Meet, Benefit Plus

Founded in 2003, Benefit Plus and we were the first in the Czech republic and Central Europe to introduce fully electronic benefits management system, also known as a cafeteria. Since then, we’ve continued to offer new solutions that have become the standard – cashback, mobile app, automatic data update at the client, connection to private payment cards and much more. Most importantly, Benefit Plus is made up of people who are commited to their job, are eager to push things forward, and who genuinely enjoy their work.

And that's not everything!

Company values

We believe that happiness at work translates to happiness in life.

Past milestones

Since 2003, we have been pushing the limits of employee benefits.




and have fun.

We are a big little family. Join us

We are Benefit Group

Benefit Plus is a part of the Benefit Group, which includes other projects such as Carboneg, the Travel Agency and Happilea. We are constantly developing. Small steps for us are big steps for our customers.

Our other projects

  • Happilea

    A project that aims to increase employee satisfaction and team bonding. Practical especially in today's wild age of home offices.

  • Carboneg

    A regenerative agriculture project with a goal to increase CO2 in the atmosphere and contribute to carbon neutrality.

  • BP Travel Agency

    Excellent services, a wide range of exotic destinations tour packages provided by German and Austrian tour operators. The agency works only for the Czech market at the moment.

We believe in a simple equation: happiness at work = happiness in life.