About the Program

Employee benefits management with a big plus.

Naturally, we have everything you expect from a cafeteria. Whether it’s a variety of flexible spending, leisure, recreational vouchers, mobile app, Total reward as a corporate intranet, a client-themed account, 4,500 benefits, add-on modules and much more.But what’s important is what you get from us extra.

The main advantages of Benefit Plus

  • Cafeteria

    Let your employees choose what benefits they really want. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

  • Truly professional services

    Let us make your work easier. Get access to training, industry-specific information and ready-to-use communication materials.

  • Everything for your employees

    We're constantly adding new features to help you use your benefits more efficiently.

Cafeteria makes life sweeter, but especially saves money

Companies with cafeterias save money

Make your employees happy and save your company costs.