What Will We Do to Make Cafeteria up and Running in Your Company? 

Would you like to launch a cafeteria in your company but it sounds complicated? We'll handle everything for you. After all, it's our job and more than 500 successful implementations are the proof. We'll put the cafeteria into operation and you can spend the time thinking about all the sweet benefits you'll get access to. 



First off, we'll send you a draft contract that we can tweak together to meet your needs. The final contract will then be followed by an implementation protocol, i.e. a description of the specific cafeteria setup that takes into account your company's conditions. The contract will also include the GDPR. 


Made to measure 

During our first meeting, we will discuss what your company needs, its capacity and structure, how many employees it has and if you need assistance with monitoring the legal limit on benefits. From there, we'll design the ideal solution. Although the core of the cafeteria is still the same, the appropriate setup will determine how the implementation will be handled by HR and employees, as well as how much it will cost. 


Leave it to us 

Our second meeting will be dedicated to the implementation protocol. This includes existing settings and information needed to get the cafeteria up and running smoothly. This will help you avoid mistakes and complications. Believe it or not, sometimes the success of a cafeteria implementation can be determined by something as simple as a login or password settings. 


Ready-to-use information materials 

An integral part of launching a cafeteria is communication within your company. We'll provide you with information materials and set up communication according to your specific opportunities, preferences, and company culture. 


We'll check if everything works 

Based on the information you provide, we'll create a test account for your company. We'll check if everything works as it should. 



Once everything is in place, we're ready to go! First we'll need a list of all your employees and their details: name, personal number and ideally an email address. Everything else depends on the setup we have agreed upon. 


3, 2, 1…

We set up accounts for individual employees, calculate and upload their benefits,  activate Benefit Plus cards and send them activation emails. And we're ready to go! 



At this point, employee accounts have been opened, benefit points have been credited, activation campaigns have been sent out, Benefit Plus cards have been activated, our customer service center is ready to receive questions, and the cafeteria is up and running. 

We manage the cafeteria for you