Life is full of benefits

Cafeteria can do great things. When all is going well, they can make employees' lives sweeter. And when times are tough, they can help them secure the essentials. And with cafeteria, employers can contribute to employees and save money at the same time.

Welcome among those who have chosen Benefit Plus

Amongst them are 500 Czech and Slovak companies. Large corporations, as well as small start-ups

We believe that people who have hobbies, play sports, travel, live a rich cultural life and learn new things are happier. Such people find more balance in their lives and have a desire to work and grow.

Balance in life = more happiness at work

It is our mission to make people happier and have balance in their lives by making them happier at work. That's why we enjoy making work easier for our clients - we find the best service providers for their employees, ensure they are interconnected, and keep finding new and better solutions.

  • Over 500 companies

  • More than 280.000 employees

  • We are here for you since 2003

What can we do?

  • For employers
  • For partners
  • Total rewards

    Show your employees what your company gives them on top of their salary. People often have no idea and the costs lose their efficiency. Once people see what your company is actually investing in them, they will be astonished.
  • Innovation 

    Thanks to innovation, a good idea will never get lost in your company again. Improvements are posted by employees directly into the system, where the new project is easily managed until it is successfully put into practice. You can also reward innovators directly in this system. 

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