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Payment Plus 

Enjoy your benefits without restrictions. Connect your private debit card to your Benefit Plus card, simplify your one-off online payments and don’t miss out on any opportunity.


Do you have your favorite go-to hotel? Or do you want to discover a new romantic hotspot? Or would you prefer a little cabin? In the Slovakia or anywhere in the world? Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have something for you. We’ve partnered with to offer thousands of accommodation options for benefit points. Take your pick among a wide range of hotels, hostels, suites or cabins. Just choose what suits you best.

 Mobile app 

The Benefit Plus App is the most convenient way to have your benefits close at hand. Simply log in using your username and password or Touch ID and use your smartphone to book your benefits.

Benefits for sweeter life 

Make your employees happy and save your company costs. We'll deal with the rest.