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HR Portal 

Do you need to let your company know about benefits and cafeteria? We have a range of ready-made communication materials and campaigns for you to download, from flyers, posters, banners and videos, including text information. The campaigns take into account all topics and always include multiple formats to adapt to your company’s communication channels, capability and practices. You just choose what you need and you can use everything right away.

 Benefit Plus Blog 

Having the correct information is key. Our Benefit Plus blog is full of expertly written articles on the cafeteria and benefits. Because the questions asked in these areas are very specific, we always focus on a clear and guaranteed answer. Whether it is in the field of law, setting up a cafeteria, simplifying the operation and management of services or a whole range of other areas.

Personal approach and satisfied clients 

We are proud of our personal approach. Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager who handles everything from implementation and setup to cafeteria and benefits management and various modifications. As a result, our clients communicate with someone they know and who knows them, so they can reach out with absolute confidence. The company report is processed by a data specialist who is always dedicated to a given company and able to reflect its specifics. 

Benefit Plus: future vision 

Benefit Plus responds to developments and changes in life with innovative ideas. Finding new, modern solutions, suppliers and benefit schemes and support across the business is our main driving force. 

Benefits for sweeter life 

Make your employees happy and save your company costs. We'll deal with the rest.